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Chairmans Message

Dear Parents and students, Jai Guru Dev! Welcome to the new Academic year 2019-20. This year will be the best year compared to the past and will be the start of new policies and principles with the coming of our new Principal. He has a long experience of being a principal of CBSE schools in the locality and who have achieved the best results. I wish him the very best in his endeavors in our school. Changes are changing according to the needs of our environment. As such, we need a change in our academic system which can teach good moralities and values of life to our students. So we have engaged OSLA, an organization in leading moral values among the students. Moreover, today competitions are unavoidable, whereas our students also should compete with others and they have to reach the great heights. For this preparation, we have tied up with EDUSOL for preparing our students to achieve success in their competitive entrance examinations. Learning an international language is the need of the hour as we are globalized. So we are getting the service of TALE (Thulir Adaptive Learning Environment) to enrich the students in learning and speaking English as a language and mode of communication. More than this we have made arrangements for the breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks of the food necessities and vehicles are provided for the safe transportation of our students. By all means, we have created good learning environment for the students in a feasible fee structure to the parents. I wish our students, all the very best for their bright future. Jai Hind!